9 marketing ideas that can help your business kill it!

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Local marketing is essential nowadays; this is not news. However, if your efforts do not yield the desired results, you may miss one of the numerous moving pieces. Contact the experts at Quantus Creative to determine which of the following components you are lacking:

Master the Art of Facebook Location Marketing

Your business’s Facebook advertisements should target your local demographic. Today, more people use Facebook for informational purposes, and there are two forms of advertising you may use to reach them:

  • Awareness
  • Clicks

Brand recognition will eliminate barriers and encourage your local audience to visit your website, generating new clients.

Revisit the Yelp Categories

With Yelp reviews, the SEO advantage is a significant step in enhancing a business’s online visibility. Ensure that your business is listed in the appropriate Yelp categories.

Unique Landing Pages for Each Campaign

Creating customized landing pages for each campaign may require effort and time, but some tools can help you do so effectively and fast. With technologies like “Unbounce,” every ad click will lead your audience to the page containing the content that piqued their interest.

Remarketing Ads Equals Reviews

Today, more people rely on reviews when making purchase selections. Therefore, your objective is to encourage your current consumers to submit evaluations. Simple retargeting advertisements for clients that purchase from you or fill out a web form would help.

Local Activities Related to Your Company Brand

Local marketing should be inclusive of your region. Create a local activities guide that will appeal to the local audience you wish to reach.

Automate Twitter Responses

Social media mentions significantly impact how a brand is regarded, and automated responses are the most effective approach to achieve this impact. With Zapier, a platform that makes this simple, enables you to build triggers that send an instant response to everyone who mentions your firm.

Third-Person Ad Copy

Frequently, online advertising appears unrelenting, resembling little more than a cacophony of businesses proclaiming their grandeur. To reach your intended audience, you must distinguish yourself from the competition. A third-party examination of your organization is precisely what you require.

The Distance to Your Location

Increased numbers of consumers are using mobile ads to find what they want, making it simple for them. Emphasize your company’s local ties and proximity to your customers.

Storefront Pictures

Because consumers are using mobile advertisements and applications to get what they want, provide them with an image of your storefront so they can recognize you when they find you.

Don’t waste time if it isn’t working

If a marketing effort or idea does not succeed by the end of the business day, abandon them.

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