Adopting Threads: Meta’s Most Recent Social Media Platform

On July 5th, Meta announced the release of their latest platform, Threads. Often compared to Twitter, Threads is a companion app to Instagram and is designed as a place for users to share text, photos, and short videos. In the age of social media, it’s important for companies to be quick in adopting new ways to market themselves and remain relevant on platforms with heavy traffic. After just two weeks, Threads reached over 150 million downloads and is the fastest growing app in history, according to Forbes. While ad space is not currently available for purchase on the app, Threads offers an opportunity for brands to communicate with their audience, engage in conversation, and grow their following organically.


The question is, how can Threads be used as a successful way to market?


Audience Engagement


Threads, like Twitter, is focused more on conversation rather than the photo and video content shared on Instagram or the short-form videos on TikTok. By posting consistently, brands can move up in the algorithm and create a community of followers ready to engage without needing the production time and resources other platforms require. Posting open-ended questions, responding to users, and incorporating eye-catching content are all ways to encourage an audience to interact with posts. A study done by Website Planet shows that 87% of analyzed brands received more likes on Threads than on Twitter, leaving hope for brands who may not have been able to break into the Twitter algorithm.


Brand Voice


By utilizing Threads as an opportunity to communicate through words, brands can further establish their own voice. When a company establishes a unique persona, audiences are more likely to feel connected to the brand through consistent tone and language. For example, Wendy’s is known for their very specific presence on Twitter and has implemented the same voice on Threads, earning them over 270 thousand followers since they joined at the beginning of the month. In order to successfully appeal to audiences, brands must first determine who they’d like to reach. By identifying a target audience and speaking directly to them, the relationship between brand and audience becomes increasingly personal.


It’s important to note that although your brand’s messaging should remain consistent, adjusting content for specific platforms can help in the long run. By placing more of an emphasis on copy for Threads posts and visuals for Instagram, brands can expand their audience and increase engagement while also promoting themselves across all platforms. Remember that maintaining a growth mindset is vital when it comes to social media marketing, and staying on top of trends will make your efforts all the more worthwhile.

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