Digital advertising: What’s all the hoopla about?

In the past 10 years or so, we have seen many changes in how businesses relate with consumers. A huge part of this is due to technology, which has brought us to the age of digital advertising. If you’re unsure what digital advertising is and how it can help your business, give Quantus Creative a call! Our team is experienced in all aspects and avenues of digital advertising and can help you create a plan to benefit your company’s bottom line.  

In the meantime, allow us to talk to you about this new phenomenon. Digital advertising is a way to use technology to advertise your business’ products and services. This is done in several ways: 

  • Websites
  • Search Engines
  • Social Media
  • Mobile applications via the internet

This is a cost-effective way to target a particular audience with the intention of driving more traffic to the company’s website and increasing brand awareness, with the end goal of converting prospects into customers. 

Digital transformation allows businesses to communicate within their market and directly to the audience. Instead of what was once the ‘shotgun’ approach of throwing out print ads with hopes of grabbing a potential customer’s attention, digital marketing goes right to the target. 

The process of digital advertising lets a company adapt and migrate with society’s movement with today’s technology. Over four billion people are using smartphones to access the internet, and most of those are via social media. Any business that wants to increase its brand awareness needs to be on point with technology.

How can you benefit from digital advertising? 

The concept of digital advertising that makes it better than the traditional ways of marketing is accuracy. There are multiple resources and tools and the Quantus Creative team can guide you on how to use these, starting with learning more about your customer’s behavior. 

Digital advertising allows a business to be specific in its targeted audience through platforms like social media. If you have a bicycle shop, you no longer have to advertise to the general public. You can target your advertising directly to those who are specifically looking for bicycles and all things associated with bicycles.

You can even target your ads to just only those who have purchased from you in the past with ads offering them a coupon on discount. Or target first-time customers with the opportunity to have a discount-off coupon on their first purchase. 

Digital advertising allows a business to monitor its client’s actions in real-time instead of waiting for marketing studies that review physical media advertising. This allows you to know if your strategies are working right away or if you need to adjust. Are your SEO plans working or should they be revamped? 

And the most important benefit of digital advertising: Better control!  Yes, you have better control over how your marketing campaigns are working.

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