Don’t ignore these trends in local marketing!

When it comes to marketing trends, nothing is consistent, except staying on top of trends! For a business owner, that can be challenging. The Quantus Creative team can help you with that challenge!  Especially if you have a budget. Here are our recommendations of which trends you should focus on:

Online Reviews  

Anywhere you look today, somebody is telling you how important online reviews are. Yet, a survey recently showed that over 85% of consumers will read online reviews before they make a purchase. And half of the consumers between the ages of 18 and 34 always read the reviews.

Mobile Payments 

The world is on the move and mobile payments are a convenient, growing trend. But it has to be used properly to protect your customer’s financial information. Some of the most reliable, trustworthy mobile apps are:

  • PayPal
  • Venmo
  • Square Cash


No, this isn’t a sci-fi thing! Chatbots are here, they are real, and they aren’t going away. Over 1.4 billion consumers interact with Chatbots daily! And websites that have live chat bots are converting 20% of ‘surfers’ into customers, giving local businesses over 300% ROI

Interactive Video

Interactive video content is another trend that is real, here, and not going away. Just look at these numbers comparing regular videos:

  • Interactive videos have eight times the click-through rate
  • Interactive videos with 360-degree have a 48% higher completion rate
  • Interactive videos have 14% higher ROI

GMB (Google My Business) 

Google My Business is the best way to increase a local business’s visibility online. If you haven’t claimed your Google business listing and optimized it, your competitors are getting your new business.

Facebook Recommendations 

As popular as TikTok and Twitter may be today, Facebook still reigns in the social media world. With over 2 billion users every month, you have to realize it is here to stay. Facebook continuously tweaks their options for local businesses with their recommendations showing up at the top of business pages with the average rating and how many people recommend your business.

Mobile Ads Location-Targeted

GPS is a technology that is commonplace today, and its sister, Beacon Technology, can be used to engage with customers by providing location-specific ads and offers. The Quantus Creative team can get you started – just give them a call!

In Closing

With local marketing changes almost daily, the trends we listed are the ones that are expected to stay. So, make sure you’re using them to their fullest capability!

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