Five ways that will make your Facebook fans a paying customer

Even with hundreds or thousands of Facebook fans, your business could be more profitable. How? By converting those fans into paying customers! You’ve taken that first step by establishing your Facebook page and have gathered fans. With Quantus Creative helping you, follow these 4 steps and convert those fans into paying customers:

Content Consistency

Keep your Facebook fans engaged by keeping your brand at the forefront at all times. Consistency in content is key to doing just that. Daily postings are an excellent practice that will have a good chance of being liked or shared. This will keep your content going viral in front of more people and establish you as an industry authority.

Your Fan Base

Recently, Facebook minimized organic reach for brands. For brands to convert fans into paying customers, your fans need to SEE your posts and promotions. You can do this by increasing your visibility within your fans’ newsfeeds. The Quantus Creative team can help show you the best ways to promote those posts within a budget you can afford.

Create An Urgency

You have to market to your Facebook fans to make them paying customers. The standard way of doing this is posting offers on Facebook, but when you add an element of urgency, it motivates those fans to act on that offer. Creating a percentage off for the first ten customers or an offer only active within the next twenty-four hours is a great motivator.

Get Your Fans on Your Email List

Having that fan base on Facebook is great and could be profitable. But you can do better in engaging these fans into paying customers by adding them to your email. Why is this important? Once you have them in your email list, you can continue communicating with them with email newsletters and special offers.

Show Your Fans Some Love

The last step is to show your Facebook fans some love. While you stay active on Facebook, share the content your Facebook fans have created to create a reciprocity feeling between you and your fans. Show them you are human, not a machine.

At The End Of The Day

With professional guidance from the Quantus Creative team, you’ll find that turning those Facebook fans into paying customers isn’t difficult!

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