Here is where your B2B brand needs to focus digital marketing in 2023

Here is Where Your B2B Brand Needs to Focus Digital Marketing in 2023

The second month of the new year has already arrived, and the Quantus Creative team is here to help you with all aspects of your marketing needs, including B2B digital marketing. You can listen to podcasts on this topic and read articles and blogs all day, but having experience guide you through the process can make it even more successful. Especially when you use the following tips:

Personalizing: A personal experience is just what B2B buyers expect and want. When you send emails to your customers they want personalization. What do you get in return? Conversions.

Video: It is all about seeing in motion today, and one of the most powerful marketing tools to do is video content. It is “the” thing to do now, and in the next few years, the importance will become more obvious and prevalent. Using videos to demonstrate your products, share the culture inside your company, or explain the complexity of some concepts. Remember, there is a human behind your B2B buyer, and they need to FEEL emotionally attached to your business. Videos are essential in providing those feelings.

AI: Yes, Artificial Intelligence can help your B2B company automate and optimize the many different marketing tasks. From generating leads to breaking down your customer, a key piece in achieving the personalization we mentioned is AI.

Account-Based Marketing: Having a personalized, targeted marketing approach can help you focus on specific accounts where the money is instead of trying to hit your entire audience simultaneously. For a B2B company, you need to reach the key decision-makers to make any progress. For the past 5 years, ABM has been the topic, and today, your B2B can capitalize if you jump on board now.

Content Marketing: The buyers of your B2B target audience rely on content for education that will help them make the right purchasing decisions. By developing a marketing strategy with strong content, you are proving your authority and building trust that will establish your brand as an industry leader. Using blogs, podcasts, videos, or whitepapers will prove to your prospective customer base and reassure your current customers that your B2B brand is the expert. It assures the decision-makers that they are working with the right company.

Social Media Marketing: Social media is here to stay, and we’ve all accepted that it is an effective way to reach B2B buyers and engage with them too. Use your social media accounts to share company updates, industry news, and provide leadership content that shows you’ve thought about the topic at hand. With an omnichannel approach, you can choose what type of content should be posted where. The content that LinkedIn followers digest differs from the content on Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook.

By being successful with these topics through 2023, your B2B will be enjoying the fruits of the labor involved in these moving pieces and making them work together.

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