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Most shared hosting services will place your website on a crowded server, with hundreds of other accounts. You will be given a cPanel login and left to your own resources. Even things as simple as creating or restoring a backup may require a long phone call to technical support.

We understand most small businesses don’t have the time to learn about administering databases, creating DNS entries, or setting up redirects which is why every hosting account we create comes with up to 2 hours per month of system administration time. Most of our clients will never even need to log into cPanel.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Good question.  Many companies have built great businesses re-selling, for example, AWS hosting. The difference between our hosting services and something like a Godaddy is that we are hands-on with customer services compared to their “self-service” model. There is no doubt for very small businesses or organizations with a large IT infrastructure, a self-service hosting provider is great. Our clients tend to be mid-sized companies that want to know they can rely on a trusted partner to keep their website fast and secure.

You’ll also receive up to 2 hours per month of server administration which can be used to set up subdomains, DNS record changes, and more.

Unlike large companies, we keep our account base small, which means your website shares resources with fewer accounts. This ensures your site runs faster, performs better, and is more secure than a large host.

We follow best practices to mitigate any security issues happening on your site. We provide software firewalls at both the server and application levels.

We host all our sites on a dedicated private server at a secure offsite data center.  We still take responsibility for maintenance, updates, and reliability, so our clients don’t have to sweat the details.

Yes. We take pride in offering one of the best and fastest shared hosting web services.

The real benefit of having a website backup is in case your site is compromised.  For example, if your website gets a ransomware attack, we can take the backup to restore your website.

Yes, we are re-selling another company’s web hosting service. That said, we add a layer of hands-on customer service to our clients that other hosting services don’t offer.

Yes. Because of the nature of the web hosting business, we must make our team accessible to our clients at all times. These days hosting is so reliable that we don’t have much need for it, but our clients do have access to us.

Just give us a call or use our help desk: https://quantuscreativehelp.freshdesk.com/support/login

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