How to Get Your Local Business Listed in Google’s 3-Pack

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This article will cover the following topics:

  1. The Google 3-Pack: What Is That?  
  2.  How can you get locally ranked on Google? 
  3. How to get your web presence ranked for the Google 3-Pack

The Google 3-Pack: What Is That?  

The top three local SERP results are the Google 3-Pack method. This references the user’s location to provide a more relevant search result. An example is when a user searches “restaurants near me” in the Google bar, the Google 3-Pack displays the top three restaurants near their location. 

Since August of 2015, there have been some significant changes with the Google 3-Pack, starting with cutting the original Google 7-Pack down to the 3-Pack we know today. The purpose was to emphasize the links to the brand’s business websites. Another change made was how the information was displayed to make it easier for the 3-Pack to be navigated by mobile devices, showing business addresses and hours instead of just phone numbers.

A second major update to the Google 3-Pack in December of 2021 was a rebalancing of what is three key ranking factors for the Google 3-Pack that included showing the results on a map:

  • Proximity
  • Relevance
  • Prominence 

How can you get locally ranked on Google?

Optimizing specifically for the Google 3-Pack isn’t possible. The businesses that are displayed on the Google 3-Pack are based on location. With this method in place, the local SEO results change based on the user’s location. However, your company’s web presence can be optimized in a way that increases the chance of appearing in the Google 3-Pack. 

How to get your web presence ranked for the Google 3-Pack

#1 Make sure all the blanks are completed in your Google Business Profile and keep it updated. This task is the easiest thing you can do and is one-fourth of your ranking potential. 

#2 Use your Google account to solicit customer reviews. The more positive reviews you have will be beneficial for boosting your website’s visibility, the prominence factor. Your Google reviews and stars become visible to users on the Google 3-Pack. 

#3 Make sure your web listings are consistent and accurate, including the NAP (name, address, phone number) throughout the internet.

#4 Nurture locally relevant links to boost your visibility by sponsoring a local nonprofit and event, and/or joining the Chamber of Commerce. 

#5 Raise your organic ranking by building standard backlinks with outstanding, well-distributed content that attracts the reader.  

#6 Use social media to build a strong presence that will establish your business as a Google local listing with your loyal followers. 

#7 Improve the UX (user experience) on your website. Updates have been rolled out by Google asking websites to be responsive to gain a better mobile usability experience. 

In Closing

Your brand will gain more attraction by appearing in the Google 3-Pack, encouraging people to engage with you. Keep these guidelines on hand as a checklist to create your web presence and maximize your chances of appearing in the 3-Pack.

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