Promote Your Business Using Facebook Messenger

Are you one of those naysayers about Facebook being a great way to market your business? Then you probably won’t believe that Facebook Messenger has become the way to get connected with your clients, either. Yes, that “teenage” way of communicating has taken the business world by storm, and the private messenger service it offers is substantial.

Businesses are finding Facebook Messenger can improve their customer service and promote their products and services. Need some facts to prove that? Take a look:

Not convinced?

  • Facebook Messenger is read by recipients 70% more than email.
  • Facebook has over 300 million active bots.
  • Facebook Messenger has more than  2 million downloads each month just in the United States.

Now you want to know how to market on Facebook Messenger, right? Here are three smart moves you can do to take advantage of  Facebook Messenger for your marketing:

1. Appointment Reminders:

By setting your Facebook page up where customers can book the appointment using the ‘Book Now’ option, Messenger will automatically send them a reminder 24 hours prior to their appointment. And what’s more – you can use Messenger for follow-ups after the appointment.

2. FAQ Answers:

It is standard for websites to have a Frequently Asked Question page. With Facebook Messenger, you can automatically answer those questions. Facebook will recognize this by turning on a badge that lets customers know you’re quick to reply.

3. Update Any Business Changes:

Facebook Messenger is a tool that will keep your Facebook followers up-to-date with any business changes related to the pandemic using a chatbot. Ask your Facebook followers to opt-in for Messenger content, and then you can keep them updated with anything to do with your business, like blogs and newsletters.

Facebook Messenger isn’t just for connecting with friends anymore. When used correctly, it is a powerful marketing tool for connecting with your customers giving it a personal touch. Facebook Messenger is the latest marketing tool to boost conversions, increase profits, and grow your business.

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