QR codes techniques that will optimize your conversion rates

If you’ve had a website for a while now, you know that converting visitors to your website to customers is the goal. And while conversion rate optimization is a hot topic these days, it isn’t anything new. Just more brands have realized it can increase their revenue. In this article, we’re going to talk about QR Codes and how optimizing them will increase your conversion rate with the help of the team at Quantus Creative.

Conversion Rate Optimization Explained

CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) is a marketing strategy that focuses on increasing conversion rates including direct purchases, webinar registration, quote requests, social media following, eBook downloads, and signing up for an email newsletter. CRO overall goal encourages these particular actions on a business’ website and optimizing that process consistently improves the conversion rate.

CRO Marketing Benefits

CRO marketing should be consistently increasing a business’ conversion rates with less work, maybe even saving some money and increasing the overall marketing budget. With a successful strategy in place, using the experience and know-how of experts like Quantus Creative, there is the possibility of even more results. CRO marketing will become a key factor for a company’s marketing and sales processes with sustainable business growth.

Calculating Conversion Rate

A conversion rate is figured when a visitor to a company’s website completes a certain goal divided by the total amount of web traffic. An example of the formula would be to calculate the conversion rate from direct purchases from a user’s interaction on a business’ website during a certain time frame.

Judging the results as good or bad is dependent on what is compared with and how it correlates to the company’s goals. If you exceeded the set goals you were looking for, then you’ve done CRO properly. If the goals aren’t met, an expert can review different ways to optimize the marketing strategies

Utilizing CRO Techniques Using QR Codes

While there are several methods for optimizing conversion rates, the following are the ones that have proven results:

  • Campaign tracking: This enables a business to know what is working and more importantly, what isn’t. Dynamic QR Codes have campaign tracking metrics that allow data to be viewed by location, time period, types of devices used, and more.
  • A/B testing: This is how tocompare two analogous campaigns, enabling the ability to determine the more successful campaign. With endless ways, A/B testing CRO, with different locations, marketing channels, graphic designs and colors, even the font type.
  • Multi-channel marketing: This optimizes conversion rates and allows a business to compare each marketing channel’s success, including digital and print mediums. With QR Codes, the same content and image can be used across different marketing channels, providing different metrics for comparison.
  • Sales funnels optimization: All of these methods and sales funnel optimization can be combined with a sales funnel outlining the different processes of marketing and sales with customer experiences. To make increase the tangibility of this, a business will need to search their targeted audience for particular leads, and us the QR Code of an event or on print medium.

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