Resurrect your social media!

Resurrect your social media! 

When was the last time you looked at your company’s social media pages? When was the last post you made on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Instagram page?  If you don’t remember that means it’s been far too long!

Do you feel stuck, not sure what to post, or when? The staff at Quantus Creative can help you resurrect your company’s social media presence. You may be asking if it is even possible to resurrect your social media, and we’re here to tell you yes, with a methodical and persistent approach, we can get you back out there using these steps: 

Update Your Social Media Pages

The first step is to find your company’s profile page and make sure this information is included:

  • The full company name
  • The company address
  • The company telephone numbers
  • The company website URL
  • The company’s main email address

While you’re on that page, update any outdated additional information too, like the company logo or any pictures of your building. If you have a new sign or revamped lobby, post new pictures!

Your Social Media Goals

Next, set attainable goals for your company’s social media marketing. Your marketing will be more effective when there are clear, defined goals with what you want to achieve from your social media pages. Some examples you may consider are: 

  • Increase your social media following so you can build your brand
  • Get more readers for your blog
  • Increase your YouTube viewers
  • Build your customer and potential customer list

With your social media goals articulated, you can steer your social media pages accordingly. 

Post Original Content

To reach your marketing goal with social media, you need to create original content that will keep your brand exposed to your social media followers. There are different forms for original content to take including: 

  • Updating your Facebook status
  • Post articles, blogs, white pages, and other content (have them back linked to your website) 
  • Post photographs of your business interior and exterior, or pictures related to your business
  • Graphic content like cartoons, illustrations, and infographics
  • Post memes and video content related to your business

Your social media content should speak to your brand in the manner you want your audience to think of your business. An example would be if your brand isn’t related to cats, don’t post cat memes.

Now, do you have the time to create original content while running your business? If not, hire a freelance writer to create blogs or commission a graphic designer to create infographics. These are small investments to the big picture.

Combine original content with content you curate from relevant websites and industry-related publications using your own spin.

Set Content Posting Schedule 

Consistency is key to social media marketing success. Create a schedule for your social media content postings and stick to it. Fortunately, there are several online tools to help with this scheduling, like the built-in tool for scheduling on Facebook. You can’t share other industry-related pages using this tool, so you’ll need to scan Facebook daily to see if there is anything you want to share. 

If you have other social media accounts, there is a social media scheduling tool that you can pay for, like Hootsuite. This tool allows you to schedule posts ahead of time and then track the performance of these posts. 

 How often should you post on your social media pages? A few suggestions that Quantus Creative finds helpful are: 

  • Facebook: Daily once or twice
  • Twitter: Daily five to ten times
  • Instagram: Daily once or twice
  • Pinterest: Daily five times minimum and up to thirty times
  • LinkedIn: Monthly 20 times
  • YouTube: Weekly two or three times

If you haven’t been active on Social Media, this probably seems like a busy schedule, but with the next tip we have, your social media marketing scheduling is manageable.


If your Facebook page, Instagram feed, YouTube channel, or other social media accounts aren’t working for you, eliminate them. Why spend time on something that isn’t bringing in more business? Focus on what works and leave the others alone. You may want to try them again in six months or so, but if you don’t think you will, deactivate those accounts. 

Why deactivate them? Because if a page is dormant or inactive, it is worse than not having a page! You don’t want somebody to search for you on YouTube and see the last post was 3 years ago. They’ll wonder if that’s how your attention level is to your customers. 

Focus on Engaging 

Engaging is when somebody comments on one of your posts, when your posts are shared, or if the viewers are clicking on your links. When it comes to the social media marketing world, engagement is what matters.

Some pointers that can help you with social media engagement: 

  • Ask questions and respond to the answers
  • Monitor the social media mentions you get, then engage in a conversation with those people
  • Use hashtags that attract new followers, like #ThrowbackThursday or community tags
  • Host a contest or request user-generated content that encourages participation

The more engagement you get from people, the more organic traffic will come to you.  

Track the Results

Last but not least, track the results on your social media pages so that you can refine your strategy if needed. An example would be if you posted a video on Facebook and it gets ten times more engagement than any written content you posted, you need to post more videos.

Metrics will tell you the following helpful information:

  • What times of the day, what day of the week was more of your followers online
  • What topics did your audience respond to the most
  • Which social media pages are you getting the most traffic that results in sales

With this information, you can refine your social media strategy and adjust your marketing goals accordingly so that you get the best chance of being successful.

At The End of The Day

It isn’t too late to resurrect your company’s social media! Be methodical, persistent, practical, and realistic. Your audience will guide you, just listen and observe.

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