SMS Marketing Should Be Crushing the Market For You!

SMS Marketing

Did you know that SMS messaging is a highly effective way of connecting with your customers? SMS messaging, otherwise referred to as text messaging, is used by almost EVERYONE that has a cell phone. If you aren’t using this marketing tool, you are hundreds, thousands of dollars in possible profits.

Over 2 BILLION people own a smartphone that has text messaging capabilities. So, why aren’t you and other small businesses using this marketing tool? Look at the numbers:

  • Almost 90% of us keep our smartphones at hand
  • Just under 100% of us text a minimum of once a day
  • Texting is the preferred choice of communication for those under 50 years old

What does this tell you? That text messaging is, without any argument, the best way to ensure your target audience will read what you have to say to them!

SMS Marketing Advantages

1. With some web-based tools, text messages results can be tracked like other marketing campaigns.

2. Collect data from your text campaign using interactive content included in the text that allows the recipient to reply quickly and fast.

3. Results and stats are available about your text messaging almost immediately! 

4. You can create simple, personalized text messages that will let you build a relationship with your customers.

5. With text messaging, you can connect with your audience when they are nearby or need what you have to offer.

Using time-sensitive text messaging is more than just reaching your audience. You’re missing a powerful marketing tool if you’re not using text messaging.

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