Drone Photography

We Provide Aerial Drone Footage In The Tulsa Area. Commercial, Construction & More.

Certified Remote Drone Pilot

Quantus Creative has a certified remote pilot on our team who is licensed under the (FAA) Federal Aviation Administration.  We offer drone video and photography as a stand-alone or we can create packages. For safety and security, all drone flights will only be conducted weather permitting according to Part 107 rules.  The FAA requires prior authorization for any drone footage taken within controlled airspace, and this authorization will require additional time for approval.  The FAA may also issue temporary flight restrictions for significant events.

TV Commercials and Branding Videos

Drone videography is a great way to enhance your TV commercials and branding video. Drone videography is an innovative and efficient way to capture your company’s vision with accuracy and visual flair.

Commercial Projects

Drone videography is an efficient method for commercial projects to capture aerial shots that traditional filming methods can’t achieve. It is low-cost, more efficient, and provides improved safety by eliminating risks associated with manual movement or risky equipment. It is an innovative and effective way to create visually stunning footage.

Construction Projects

Drones benefit filming constructions with comprehensive site overviews, high-definition footage, and detailed imagery.

Real Estate Projects

Drones transform real estate marketing by capturing aerial shots, providing immersive experiences, and highlighting important features. Agents can save time, produce high-quality marketing materials, generate leads, close deals faster, and increase ROI for owners and agents.

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