Use geolocation marketing to target local customers

Use geolocation marketing to target local customers

The challenges for local business marketing are unique. As a business owner, it is important to let those in your area that may use your products or services know what you’re offering and how they can find you. And this brings in geolocation! 

What is Geolocation Marketing Exactly?

Basically, geolocation marketing is a location-specific type of marketing.  It is a way to connect with potential customers that are nearby by targeting them with ads and offers directly. The benefits of geolocation marketing are: 

  • You can have access to a highly targeted audience that will be likely to contact your business
  • You can reach out to potential new customers by offering them specials directly
  • You can discover your existing customer’s shopping habits and preferences to expand and increase grow your business
  • You can reward your loyal customers with special offers that will turn them into brand ambassadors for your business

This all means that geolocation marketing can give you access to a base of existing and potential customers located near you. You can market your business and have a high ROI in exchange. 

The Tools You Need to Use Geolocation Marketing

There are three types of geolocation marketing. Choose which of these to use based on your business needs: 

  1. Geotargeting. This is the most used form of geolocation marketing. Using IP addresses of your current customers’ web browsers. This is ideal for companies that want to market to a general region, city, or state. 
  2. Geofencing. This is a more precise method than geotargeting. It allows you to target specific neighborhoods, even down to the street. But that isn’t the limit! You can target an entire city or town because Geofencing uses GPS location on mobile devices instead of IP addresses. This allows you to track your customers as they move, ideal to attract foot traffic. However, it doesn’t allow you to tailor a specific marketing campaign for target audiences.
  3. Beacons. When it comes to geolocation marketing, this is the most specific option. This is a small device that you place close to or inside your business and it collects data from smartphone Bluetooth signals. These are perfect where the Wi-Fi reception is low because they are meant to be used for close communication. With Bluetooth technology, you can send direct messages and offers to your customers that are within range.  

Choose the geolocation marketing option that can accomplish what you have in mind to accomplish. For instance, if foot traffic is your main business, Geofencing would be the best choice. 

Geolocation Marketing Tips 

There are several ways to use this technology. Here are a few specific tips that can help you get the most from geolocation marketing to increase your business:

  • Targeting people at an event or at a venue is a great way to increase foot traffic when that event or venue is nearby. From sports stadiums to theaters, to office complexes, concerts, and local neighborhoods, you can set up a geofence to target the potential customers there. 
  • If your business delivers food, furniture, or groceries, geofencing will let you target those in your service area. Typically, when people need delivery, they prefer local businesses. If they aren’t aware of your business, geolocation marketing can inform them. 
  • Geotargeting allows you to map out your target audience based on where they are located. This is the “big picture”  for geolocation marketing and it is extremely helpful for pulling in local folks. One example would be a company that sells luxury products using geotargeting in an upscale neighborhood by messaging those residents. 
  • A beacon will attract foot traffic to your business, ideal for a restaurant or retail store where foot traffic is essential. Set the beacon so that it pings your customers that are in range, letting them know about a special they’d be interested in. A downtown restaurant can advertise happy hour and specials on appetizers.
  • A beacon can also alert you when a loyal, repeat customer is nearby or in your business. Customers are flattered when they come inside a business and they’re greeted by name and you tell them about a special you have on a product they buy frequently.
  • Geolocation marketing will tell you about the buying habits of your targeted audience. Like alerting when a customer is at a nearby competitor, you can alert them to a special you’re having at your store.

Geolocation marketing can increase your bottom line with GPS technology connecting you directly with existing customers and potential customers that would apt to frequent your business.

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