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Visual Content Packages

Are you overwhelmed trying to create and come up with visual content ideas for your business? At Quantus Creative, we have content developers who will create visual content for your business giving you a competitive edge. We offer unique visual content for your site and social media platforms.

Small Package

Video & Photography

15 Photos

2 Video Clips

1 Day of Filming

Medium Package

Video, Photography, & Content

35 Photos

25 Video Clips

2 Days of Filming

1 Accessory

Large Package

Video, Photography, & Content

50 Photos

35 Video Clips

3 Days of Filming

2 Accessories

Photography, Video & Accessories

  • Photos and videos can be taken of your business, offsite, staff, products, and services to create website and social media content.  
  • 30-second video clip to use on your website, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, etc.  (Accessory)
  • 30-second employee spotlight video clip to use on your website and social media platforms. (Accessory)
  • 30-second client testimonial video clip to use on your website and social media platforms. (Accessory)
  • 500-word press release and submission. (Accessory)
  • 500-word article to use on your website as a blog or content page. (Accessory)

Depending on the package, you can choose from the above list of video clips you would like us to produce for you each month.  Plus, you can select up to 2 of the above accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we will sit down with you to discuss the types of videos, photos, and content that would work best for your business, including the best platforms for distribution.

Yes, before you purchase a package, we will discuss the best package for your business, including the best marketing strategies to distribute the monthly content.

A filming day will consist of up to 5 hours at your place of business or an approved location for filming video and or photography. The content package you purchase determines how many days a month our team will be available for project work.

Yes, you own all content rights to anything Quantus Creative produces for your business. This includes photography, videography and written content. Quantus Creative reserves the right to use approved video and photography for marketing purposes.

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