Want to increase your business foot traffic with social media?

If you have a local storefront, you may not feel that online marketing is that important, an afterthought if you will. You don’t see the value of online marketing for increasing your store’s foot traffic. You’re not the only one. But it would be a mistake to think that way!

Today, there are more consumers relying on social media for recommendations and suggestions for local businesses. You may see these recommendations as just a Facebook post, but they make a big impact on businesses.

Yes, your social media accounts can help increase the foot traffic to your storefront just as it helps the traffic to your website. If you don’t feel you’re getting that much help from your social media accounts, Quantus Creative suggests the following:

Advertise a Freebie

Give the people an incentive and see how many customers start coming. Offer a giveaway or special ‘Today Only!’ price on a hot item.  BOGO is a great incentive or offer a day of free samples.

Incentivize for Referrals

If you want your existing customers to refer potential customers, like family and friends, offer them an incentive. Money talks, so offer a 20% coupon or a free gift for any referral they send to you that makes a purchase.

Partner with Other Businesses  

Work with those businesses that overlap with your business and connect with new customers. For instance, a clothing store and a shoe store can partner together to offer customers a special deal. Post a contest on social media with your partner, run promotional ads and both businesses contribute to the cost of the prize.

Coupon Sharing

Everyone loves a coupon! Post a coupon on social media that can be printed out at home. Make it a significant coupon like BOGO or a 50% off final purchase.

Social Media Code Word or Hashtag 

Social media is one of the best word-of-mouth advertising platforms. Think of something that will get the public talking to each other. A code word or a #hashtag are popular ways to get attention.

Share Images

Forging personal connections on social media marketing is a great way to get to know your customers. Start taking pictures of your customers, with their permission, while they’re shopping in your store and then share them on your social media page.

Run Local Targeted Ads 

Increasing foot traffic by leveraging organic social media marketing is a great option today. This gets your advertising out to the local area where your customer base is located.

Social Media Advertising Is Easy!

Call Quantus Creative for more information on these ways we’ve discussed. We have a team that can help increase your store’s foot traffic, which will increase your business.

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