Creating Your Logo: The Elements of Design

creating your logo: the elements of design

Having trouble creating a logo for your business or looking to rebrand your current one? We understand how stressful that can be. You want to choose a logo that is not only eye-catching, but one that represents everything your brand has to offer. A logo often serves as a first impression to potential customers, so it’s vital to put your best foot forward. The human brain processes images and visuals much faster than text – it takes only 13 milliseconds for the human brain to process an image. Your logo has the opportunity to facilitate an increase in brand recognition. In this article, we will break down the elements of a good logo and provide some tips to consider when designing your own. 


In recent years, minimalistic logos have seen a 33% growth. Take a look at some of the most popular logos such as Nike, Apple, or Mercedes. Each of these logos is easily identifiable in part due to their simplicity. It’s much easier for people to remember and recognize a straightforward design than a complicated one. 


Incorporate a unique feature into your logo. A shape, a swoosh, a particular font. Simplicity doesn’t have to mean basic.


Don’t get too caught up in what’s trending today, but choose something that will be fashionable and relevant for years to come. Many popular brands have used the same logo since their inception, making only minor changes throughout the years. 


Make sure your logo will look good regardless of where it’s being used. You will most likely be using your logo on your website, social media, advertisements, and business cards, so choose something that will look good when scaled to different sizes and against different backgrounds. 


While you can easily create a logo yourself using various online templates and fonts, hiring a professional to assist in your logo design helps ensure that your logo is completely original to your company. 


Both shapes and text can be used to create harmony in your logo. Try to minimize the number of colors and fonts used, and make sure that all text is easily readable. Additionally, utilize positive and negative space to maintain balance. The most popular logo style is “combination”, with 61% of Fortune 500 companies opting for an icon and a wordmark to serve as their logo.


Design Tips to Help You Create the Best Logo:

Perform Testing – Show your logo to other people and ask them what feelings or thoughts it evokes. If you have multiple options, ask others which they would choose and why. Keep note of the responses you receive and allow them to inform your decisions moving forward. 

Pay Attention to File Format – As of right now, the most popular file format for logos is PNG. We also recommend having a vector file of your logo handy, meaning the file has a clear background. Create a folder with the different versions of your logo so that you and your team can access them easily.

Be Careful When Picking Colors – Consider color theory and the psychological implications of different colors. McDonald’s use of red and yellow is not a random choice. Red is stimulating, triggering appetite and hunger, while yellow is associated with happiness and friendliness. Do some research on your chosen colors to determine how people react psychologically, but also use color theory to ensure that your colors are harmonious. Also, we recommend using specifically Pantone colors so that your logo will always appear as the same shade you’ve chosen no matter the display. 



If you’re feeling stuck or would just like some guidance to ensure your logo is the best representation of your company possible, reach out to our team of professionals here at Quantus Creative. We are more than happy to guide you through the process of creating an irresistible logo. 

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