The Google Leak and How it Relates to SEO

recent google leak and how it relates to seo

We’re not sure if you’ve heard, but recently there was a leak regarding Google’s search documentation. What does this mean? It means we may have gained more insight into how Google ranks companies in their search algorithm. Essentially, the leak provided a list of API calls that Google uses to retrieve certain pieces of information from the data they already are storing. API’s, also known as application programming interfaces, allow different programs to interact with each other. API calls are the requests made to a server to obtain information from an API. In other words, we now know what information Google is collecting from the site data they have stored. However, this does not necessarily mean that Google is using all of the information to inform and maintain their ranking algorithm. So, let’s go over what we do know and what this information means for us moving forward.


Long-Term Storage of Site Data

The leak indicates that Google stores the data from your website for a long time. Meaning it’s important to maintain good SEO practices throughout the lifetime of your site. Making sure your site stays consistent and up-to-date can help with your ranking.


Data and Performance Tracking

It is now confirmed that Google does store information related to your website’s speed and user interactions. Regularly check your site speed for both desktop and mobile while also creating a great user experience to encourage more interaction with your site. Track the speed of your site with PageSpeed Insights simply by entering your site’s URL into the search bar.


Effort Calculation

We already know that website quality is important when it comes to ranking, but we recently uncovered Google’s “effort calculator”, which scans for things like images and videos, unique content/information, and tools. Incorporating these things into your website boosts your effort score.


Popularity Contest

Unless you are a large, established company with a sizable audience, you are unlikely to rank very highly in the Google algorithm without clear user intent(specifically looking for you). For example, if you own a hardware store and a person Googled “where to find power tools”, your site would almost certainly rank below that of Lowe’s or Home Depot in your area. Focus on growing your audience and establishing credibility so that as your popularity increases, so too will your ranking.



Overall, this leak was not as shocking or game-changing as the public initially thought it would be. The majority of SEO rules and tips still apply, but now we have a little more insight into the data that Google collects. Just because some of this data may not be used as part of the algorithm right now, doesn’t mean that it won’t ever be used if/when Google updates their ranking system. Be sure to stay informed regarding any updates or changes Google makes in the future. If you’re not sure exactly where to start on your SEO journey, reach out to our team here at Quantus Creative, and we will be happy to guide you.

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