The email marketing roadmap for your local business

To attract new customers and build a loyal bond with existing ones, email marketing is still one of the best methods to use. If you use it to its full potential, this affordable and easily accessible method can be your best tool.

In the United States, every dollar spent on email marketing generates over $40 of revenue. Welcome emails generate over 300% more revenue than other types of emails. Here are a few pointers that the Quantus Creative team has found to be spot-on in avoiding possible pitfalls that email marketing can have:

Build Your Email List

  • Simple opt-in form. Name and email address is all you need. You’ll get more information as time goes on.
  • A unique CTA. Don’t go with the basic “Subscribe Here” button, be creative and make it a statement: “Yes! I need to know more today!”
  • Produce a lead magnet. Have a giveaway that will entice people to sign up on your email list, like a cheat sheet or an industry report.
  • Have multiple opt-in forms: You need to make it easy to sign up for emails and make it easy to find.  
  • A lightbox or a pop-up: These will encourage subscriptions because it is hard to miss when something is “popping out” at you.
  • Invite them to subscribe at checkout: The checkout is the ideal place to get their email addresses because they have already bought from you!

Make the Most of Your Email List

  • Commit to weekly emails: This will keep your subscribers current on what’s happening.
  • Social Media: Advertise your newsletter on social media and your followers will sign up.
  • Keep simple visuals: A busy, crowded newsletter won’t get read. Keep it clean and simple.
  • Mobile optimization: Every email that you send out needs to be mobile-ready.
  • Create and email customer surveys: Surveys are an easy and inexpensive way to find out what your customer like and need.
  • Track your results: If you aren’t tracking the results, how will you know what’s working?

Retain the Existing Subscribers

  • Send a welcome email: That welcome email you send out needs to have an irresistible offer.
  • Design a welcome series: A short series of emails that link together, providing valuable content with a relevant offer.

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