Chatbots provide benefits for your business!

Like businesses don’t have enough to work with and worry about with Facebook and Twitter, now there is the chatbot! If you haven’t been on task with trends and have no idea what a chatbot is, this is a computer program that simulates conversations with humans over the internet. And your competitors using chatbots are finding this is a way to communicate with their customers conveniently and efficiently.

They have also found that chatbots have increased their sales with this 24/7 chat line that answers questions when your business is closed. This computer program provides an automated message system that interacts with customers for you from the back side of your website. Your customers are addressed from a pop-up chat box while they are on your website, and the team at Quantus Creative can help you set up your chatbot!

Welcome Artificial Intelligence

Chatbots have become the heart of advertising and marketing today. Artificial intelligence anticipates your customers’ needs, answers questions, and provides them with the information they need to decide on what they are considering purchasing.

How Does A Chatbot Know The Answers?

You may spend anywhere from 2 days to 30 days training human staff to know how to answer customer questions. So how do you train chatbots? Well, you don’t! A chatbot will be prepopulated with a series of commonly asked questions and answers, providing customers with resources to help them with their purchases.

This is a new FAQ that engages with your customers! You map out the list of Q&A that will be prepopulated and give the chatbot the rules on behavior or responses to give when certain questions are asked.

More advanced chatbots and virtual assistants can be customized to do a lot more than handle customer queries. They can be integrated with booking systems and other communication platforms enabling people to make reservations and purchases.

Chatbots Work In The Hospitality Industry Too!

Chatbots aren’t just for the home improvement stores, they work in the hospitality industry too! Hotels and restaurants don’t need a live person answering the phones today. Booking a room or making a reservation for 2 can be done with chatbot today. And there isn’t any worry if they sound cheerful and helpful either!

Chatbots Work in Retail Too!

Sales don’t have to be complicated and time-consuming. Chatbots make retail sales simple for customers. Chatbots can provide customer support and customized suggestions, resulting in more sales.

At The End Of The Day

You may not like chatbots, i.e., talking to a robot. But at the end of the day, you’ll be providing your customers what they need and want: Answers! And answers make happy customers, happy customers make you money!

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