How To Get A 30% Increase In Sales on Black Friday 2021

With Thanksgiving around the corner, that means Black Friday is too. Ready or not, it is coming, and we have a few tips to make this your best Black Friday yet.

With the Black Friday marketing strategies, we’re about to share with you. You’ll see a 30% increase. These marketing strategies have proven to work, and if you’re not using them, you need to be!

Social Media and Advertising

Getting your brand out there is the first thing you need to do, and that is where advertising comes into the game. Today, social media is the way to advertise using Facebook ads and Google ads.

Social Media Posts

The week before Black Friday is when you need to begin promoting your deals and sales. Because the Thanksgiving travel often starts the day before, plan to start the Wednesday before Thanksgiving so you can get the attention of travelers.

Here is some idea of how a large home improvement store’s advertising:

Create Early-Access Ad Campaign

With an early access promotion online, you’re giving those shoppers a 24-hour head start on getting the best stuff first. Create an ad campaign page that grabs the attention of prospective customers, even set up an email drip campaign. Those that open your email will have the best opportunity to the best deals.  

Make Those Black Friday Facebook Ads Successful

If Facebook ads are part of your marketing strategy for Black Friday, create them to be successful. Check out the searchable library by AdEspresso for some successful Facebook ads for inspiration.

Run Properly Created Google Ads

These Black Friday Google Are Suggested to be the best practices in advertising on Google:

  • The ad copy should reference “Black Friday” to grab the attention of shoppers
  • Put a time limit in your ad and keep the ad updated throughout the day Example: “Sale Ends in 8 Hours”, “Sale Ends in 7.5 Hours”, etc.
  •  State limited inventory limitations throughout the day with each ad update. For example, “Only 10 left at this awesome price” within your ad.
  • Remember: The cost of a click-based ad with Google is determined by the search term traffic. Closer to and on Black Friday, search traffic will go crazy! Be sure to have your ad budget in line for more clicks. The ads with the word “deal” are going to be the significant search term. 

Update Your Website

On Black Friday itself, you don’t want visitors on your homepage. You want to create your ads to point traffic to specific pages where the ad relates and is oriented around the discounts offered.

How Is a Redirect Created?

It will depend on what platform you used for your website. WordPress is the best, but you can do a Google search for help if you use another.

Things that work great for website redirects are:

  • A countdown timer to create an urgency
  • Discounts marked in bright, clear colors and font
  • “Today only” keeps the urgency present

Black Friday Marketing Strategy for You

Use popups to create leads and customers from the traffic to your website. The simple entry popup keeps visitors aware of your deals and can even offer a bonus promotion that is exclusive to subscribers.

Build Excitement

Every business will have some Black Friday discount as their marketing strategy. This means you should make sure your deals are posted early and stand out with excitement about the Black Friday and Cyber Monday specials you’re going to have. Create and spark curiosity, but don’t give it all away.

Offer Discounts and More

Discounts are a given for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so you want to offer more! Make your promotion stand out and provide more like free shipping, bonuses, anything extra that can benefit shoppers.

Make Email Marketing Have the Most

Email your Black Friday marketing is valuable! Getting your business’s  Black Friday information out there by email BEFORE Black Friday to the right audience will bring in the business.

Pick and choose which customers are getting what Black Friday email specials. If somebody on your email list has purchased an item already, send them a different special.

Last Few Thoughts

The Black Friday period is THE consumer time of the year where online traffic is high, and competition is intense. You want your advertising to stand out above the others, so get your website prepared and ready now!

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