Is Instagram a Good Tool for Your Business?

While Instagram reaches over 800 million users each month and is related to Facebook, it isn’t the advertising platform for every business. Yes, it is a social media platform with high visibility for a service provider to post many pictures that convey “buy from us!”. You can even post photos with sound and boost your posts, and hopefully, your profit.

Instagram for Marketing

Social media can provide a constant increase of followers to your brand and postings. Each time, making your potential audience larger and larger. Instagram ads provide an opportunity for businesses to connect with people in a fun way visually. With a smartphone, you can post advertising on the go when you see something, take a picture, and post it. BOOM! You have people following your post and even interacting with you.

Have a Call to Action

For businesses, the main feature in advertising is to have a call to action. Every post you have, even a random picture, should have a call to action as an objective, like “buy now” or “register today” or “find out what we’re doing today!” with your website hyperlinked.

Put Analytics to Use

Instagram analytics allows you to see how your various advertising campaigns are doing when you have a business account. There are tools with the business account that can better understand how your content engages followers. Then you can create better advertisements, if necessary, to get better results.


Not all potential clients use Instagram, so don’t leave out other social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. Each post on Instagram should be capitalized by cross-posting with the other sites with a plug to “follow us on Instagram too!”.

Over-posting is Overrated

Many times, advertising is to keep putting it out there, so that is redundant and repetitive. With Instagram, you can over advertise. Choose two times within 24 hours to post, once during the day and once in the evening. Watch to see which gets the most engagement and tweak those times, if necessary. Then keep a steady posting schedule.

Tell Your Story on Instagram

Last but not least, Instagram stories will allow your business to interact with your existing customers and prospective customers with a series of images that tell your story. Each story should enhance your company’s brand and make a proposition with a clear value.

In Closing

Keep in mind that Instagram stories are not everlasting, you get 24 hours, and then your post will disappear. The stories on Instagram are great for increasing brand awareness, generating sales, and getting more followers and subscribers. Determine when your stories are the most popular to get the most of your 24 hours of fame.

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