PPC Marketing: What is this and how do you use it?

During your networking with business associates, maybe you’ve heard them talking about using PPC marketing. But you’re not 100% sure what that is or how to use it. Quantus Creative has a team that is experienced and well-versed in this marketing tool, but in the meantime, we offer the following article to get you in the mindset.

PPC is the abbreviation for ‘pay-per-click’ and is an important part of online advertising. You post an ad online and every time a visitor clicks on the ad, you pay a fee. These ads may appear in search mode or as display ad mode. They are also used on social media platforms. 

PPC ads are an excellent way to drive traffic and convert surfers into clients. Once you have gotten the dos, don’ts, and how-tos from Quantus Creative, you’ll find that running your PPC ads is pretty simple. Use your PPC ads on Google ads, Bing, Facebook, or Twitter.

Are there benefits to be had from PPC marketing? 

Absolutely!  We wouldn’t be talking to you about PPC marketing if we didn’t see the value in it. To show our reasoning, we offer you 4 of the benefits you can expect: 

1. Instant drive to your website 

A PPC campaign only takes a few hours to start driving traffic to your website. That beats any “free” marketing alternative like email marketing, social media, or SEO. Every PPC your ad gets is saving you countless hours. 

2. Target potential customers 

Because you’re paying for every click, you don’t want to waste those clicks on the wrong people. PPC is the only marketing channel that offers precise targeting options that allows you to target the people you want to do business with.

3. Easily measured

Every PPC platform provides a tracking pixel connected to ad clicks that tells you what part of your website they visited and stayed on the longest. 

4. Easily scaled

If you’re wanting to see more clicks, you can pump more money into your PPC campaigns. This isn’t possible with other marketing channels like content marketing, SEO, etc. And before you sign on for a PPC campaign, the Quantus Creative teams will work with you in creating a marketing strategy that will help you achieve your desired goal. 

PPC Role In Marketing 

A PPC marketing campaign will allow you to be more visible to the customer that is ready to buy, or on the verge of buying. For your PPC ads to be most effective, the criteria that should be completed include these three factors: 

  • Potential customers are aware of your company brand.
  • You have competitive pricing for a great product.
  • Your website has a good user experience.

Imagine the client that is shopping for a new vacuum cleaner. They have read numerous articles on the pros and cons of vacuum cleaners, including reading recommendations and reviews. They have narrowed down their choices to a handful of vacuums and they’re ready to buy. 

Now, they’re noticing an increase in search ads in their SERPs (Search Engine Results Page). Now, they aren’t very likely to purchase a vacuum cleaner that pops up on their search entry “what makes the best vacuum cleaner” until they start using what we know as ‘keywords’. Keywords like “best vacuum cleaner under $500,” or “Best Bissell vacuum for pet hair.”

When the potential customer starts clicking on the ads and makes their purchase, they’ll typically start leaning towards brands and websites that met the criteria they used in their searches. Brand awareness and familiarity are key.

In Closing

While PPC won’t be the absolute savior in your business marketing endeavors, it is certainly worth talking to us at Quantus Creative about the possibilities. 

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