Why should you use video for your local business?

Audiences expect to be entertained and look for visual explanations of products and services.  In fact, studies show that over 80% of internet users today choose to watch online videos over reading about things. (Higher than that according to LinkedIn). Whether your audience is viewing a video through a device or listening to one on social media, Quantus Creative helps meet your potential customers right where they are at through video marketing. 

Here are some ideas on how to gain traction through video:

Attract new customers: Whether you have opened a new location or you want to attract customers from around your city, creating video ads which highlight your product and services can really help drive traffic to your business. These video ads can showcase your featured products or specialty depending on what advertising platform you are using to advertise. Within each platform, you can see how many people see your ad, how they react, and even respond to comments or answer questions. Video ads create an 86% increase in your business property.

Engage with visitors on your website:  Posting a video on your website can improve traffic retention and capture more leads from that traffic. By hosting a live video on your landing page, you’ll see up to 90% more conversions than without a video.

Keep your Instagram story updated: Most customers and clients have an Instagram account. For a business, especially with multiple locations, it is important to rely on visuals by keeping updated videos and reels telling your business’s story. This keeps followers engaged and coming back for more! 

In Conclusion

As a small business, you may think video marketing is too expensive and too difficult. With the guidance of Quantus Creative, it isn’t as cost prohibitive as it once was, and they can help you tell your story and make your brand come to life. 

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