This Holiday Season, Use These Seven Social Media Hacks for Your Marketing Strategy

For every business, the holiday time is a time to be profitable. With buyers eager for new products and services, it can keep business owners busy. Do you need to advertise? Absolutely! And social media is where it is all at today, so we’re going to share seven social media hacks with you to use this holiday season that can save you time.

1. Twitter Hashtags: Use the less popular

Sound weird? Yes, but if it works, go for it, but don’t forget to use the trending hashtags. Try using a blend of both popular and not-as popular hashtags and see how many more clicks you get.

2. Twitter Tool: Buffer You can re-schedule top tweets

Scroll through to find your top-ranking tweets and the most clicked then you can retweet them. They worked once, twice couldn’t hurt, sometimes they’ll get more clicks the second time around. You’ll find your stats on the analytic tab on your dashboard.

3. Facebook Posts:  Get Silly

The holidays are an exciting and fun time, so get silly and spiffy up your holiday marketing Facebook posts. Things that can make a Facebook post fun:

  • Images
  • Jokes
  • Polls
  • Questions
  • Quotes
  • Videos

Find ones that are charming or hilarious related to your products or services.

4. Repost Facebook Post: Change Them Up and Repost

Re-featuring a post you had earlier on Facebook with a bit of change about a product or service is an eyecatcher, especially if you’re trying to spread the word on something new! Change any of these four parts will make the same old post look different:

  • The description
  • The image link
  • The headline link
  • The subheadline link

Don’t post the same offer several times one day and provide different information, so your Facebook timeline doesn’t come off as spam.

5. Increase Your Instagram:  Run a holiday promotion

Instagram advertising generates 58 more engagement rates than Facebook! And over 100 times more than Twitter! Get your brand where the others are head – Instagram. Act on this now, and you’ll get more followers, especially with a contest!

6. Convert Instagramers: Use the Shops to Get Customers

Instagram’s Shops feature is something you should check out if you haven’t already, especially now with the holidays. Your Instagram followers could visit your shop, browse your products, explore your collections, and buy!

7. Scheduling: Keep your holidays relaxed and schedule your holiday posts now

Yes, the holidays are when you want to make all the social media efforts we’ve suggested, but you don’t have to be on your computer through the holiday season. Use the social media management tools, an evident and straightforward hack that will give you some downtime to relax and be merry!

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