7 things that will get more from your Facebook business page

As a small business, if you don’t have a Facebook Business Page already, you should get that done sooner than later. Then, follow the following advice and tips to get the most from that Facebook page. Why is Facebook such a big deal for a small business? Because, every month, there is a possibility for over two billion active users to see your brand, see the products and services you offer.

That is over 2 billion possible customers! Make an effort and take the time to get as much as you can from this advertising avenue. Keep reading to see how you can get more from it than many of your competitors are right now:

A Profile Picture 

Remember, first impressions are everything! The profile picture you choose will be the first thing most viewers will see. Make sure you have a clear and easily recognized profile picture, like the company logo; unless your logo isn’t that easily recognized, then a professional picture of you. You can get more details on how to get the right size for a profile picture here.

The Cover Photo 

This photo will take up a lot of space on your Facebook Business Page, so make sure you choose a captivating and professional one. Consider an exterior picture of your business location, an interior view, or a staff picture. Stay focused on your business, and again, use these guidelines here to get a perfect size.

Admin Access

Less is more when it comes to admin access to your Facebook Business page. Before you delegate social media postings and other responsibilities to your employees, make sure of the following:

  • Provide proper training on the type of content, the social media strategy, and the sound of the business’ “voice” you want to be conveyed
  • Set clear boundaries and responsibilities
  • Define the process for handling negative comments & complaints
  • Limit the number of employees that have access, two at the most is recommended

Changes to the Page Access are done through Settings> Page Roles.

Call to Action

From designing your website and blogging, you know the CTA is necessary, which goes for social media postings. In fact, Facebook has made this easy by adding CTA for business pages. A call-to-action button tells the viewer what to do. That button can be found on the right side of your Facebook Business Page under your cover photo, with a few different options to choose from, including:

  • Call Now
  • Book Now
  • Sign Up Now
  • Learn More
  • Watch Video

Choose a CTA button that will suit your Facebook marketing goals the best, then click the “Add Button” button, and there is your call to action! If you decide to change that button, hover over the existing button, and choose “edit.”

The “About Us” Section  

It is amazing how many businesses with a Facebook Business Page skip over this part! This area is vital for a Facebook Business Page to succeed. Internet surfers click on “About Us” because they want to learn more about the business, and if you haven’t provided them with that information, they will pass over you to the next Facebook Business Page.

The About Us page should include the full business name, address, and telephone number. State your days and hours of business and your website with the URL. This section should be optimized by telling the people what they want to hear, like:

  • The company history
  • The company’s key product’s origin and uses
  • The company mission statement and the company values

Include your founding date, the company’s milestones, and key anniversaries.

The Metrics  

Facebook offers free tools for Facebook Business Pages. Use them! Too many small businesses don’t, and they are losing the opportunity to make their page more successful with Facebook Insights. There is a plethora of useful information about who is following your page and what they like to see more of. Two key pieces of information you can get from Facebook Insights are:

  • The times of day your posts get the most views
  • The kind of content that gets the most engagement

If Facebook Insights shows that your posts are read more at 9 am than 9 pm on weekdays, you know to schedule your posts to appear just before or right at 9 am. If you post a video with tons of views, you know what your public wants to see more of. This is the information you need to know in planning your content strategy for the most organic reach.

Promoting Your Content 

Like Google, Facebook tweaks its algorithm to concentrate on personal content and reduce the reach of businesses. They state they are following what Facebook users want, but it is a general belief among business owners it is so that their ads get the maximum views.

As a small business, you can let that keep you from promoting your business. Occasionally, share a piece of important information with your posts, like announcing a new product or service. Sometimes, as the budget allows, spend a little bit on promoting your content for the big stuff.

Like anything to do with business, Facebook marketing will give you more when you put in more effort and time. Using the advice that we have discussed here, you can make your Facebook Business Page into a key marketing avenue for your business.

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