3 Ways to Advertise on TikTok

A woman taking clothes out of a closet that's on a phone, implying that she is doing shopping through TikTok.

Since TikTok’s rise to popularity in 2019, they have become more than just an app for dancing and lip-syncing videos. TikTok has become a hub for advertising efforts from brands big and small. As of this year, the advertising reach in TikTok is 127.4 million users aged 18 and above. Additionally, TikTok is the third highest-grossing app, having grossed over $6 billion in Q3 of 2022. Below are three opportunities to expand your brand’s reach and increase profits using TikTok.

TikTok Shop

TikTok officially entered the eCommerce scene in September 2023 with the launch of TikTok Shop. According to the TikTok website, TikTok Shop’s goal is to allow brands to “authentically connect with creators and communities to grow their business and drive meaningful shopping moments”. TikTok Shop offers live shopping, allowing brands to “promote, sell, and engage with [their] audience” in real time, as well as a specific tab on the app to access the marketplace. This addition to the app further streamlines the effort of brands to sell through TikTok.

Paid Advertisement Program

TikTok Ads Manager allows brands to create, manage, and view the analytics of ad campaigns in one dashboard. There are two main options for advertisements: top-view and in-feed. Top-view ads are the first posts to appear when a user opens the app, while in-feed ads are incorporated throughout a user’s scrolling experience. Paid ads on TikTok may even be a more cost-effective choice than other platforms as studies show that TikTok campaigns have a 30% cheaper CPC(cost per click) than those on Meta. Some other options for advertising include branded effects that users can create their own content with, boosting brand awareness, or paid hashtag challenges, which are a more expensive method, yet they greatly increase exposure.

UGC and Influencer Relations

As of 2023, TikTok is the most popular influencer marketing channel. By collaborating with influencers and incorporating UGC(user-generated content) into marketing campaigns, brands can effectively reach different audiences and build brand trust through authentic content shared by real users. Quantus Creative has a brief introduction to influencer marketing available on our resource page. Let us know if this is an avenue you want to explore and we can help guide you through it!

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