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When we think about online advertising, Facebook may be considered the granddaddy. In 2021, there were 2.5 billion users every month. Getting a solid ROI from that advertising isn’t easy as a small business owner. With those numbers, how do you play the game and win against millions of other business advertisers? Talk about three’s a crowd.

Yet, there is still some value to be pulled from Facebook ads, with a twist, though. That twist is using something other than your traditional advertising. Maybe it is time to check out Facebook Messenger Ads, the newest option offered by this social media mountain.

Facebook Messenger Ads – What Are Those?

Facebook Messenger Ads appear on a user’s newsfeed or directly in their Messenger inbox. They have a CTA (call to action)  directing any user that clicks into Messenger, where they can get more information from you by sending you a message.

Over 50% of Facebook users say they will buy from a company by directly messaging them on Facebook Messenger. What’s more, there is an increase in customer service moving toward using Facebook messenger, too. Why? Customers want an instantaneous response.

With Facebook Messenger Ads, a small business can directly connect with potential new customers, eliminating the need for complex sales ads. With Facebook Messenger, you can create an open dialogue, almost like old friends.  

Facebook Messenger Ads – The Three Types

Small businesses have three types of Facebook Messenger Ads to choose from:

  • Destination ads
  • Sponsored messages
  • Home screen ads

Destination ads appear in the newsfeed of a target audience, similar to traditional Facebook ads. The main difference being the CTA will always be “Send a Message,” and as the user clicks on that CTA, a new Messenger window opens with an automated message from the business.

Sponsored messages allow a business to deliver special offers directly to a user’s Messenger inbox. The key feature with sponsored messages, they’re like a personal touch style of marketing.

Home screen ads differ because they are not designed to create a dialog. They are strictly there for the sales. They encourage the user to click the ad and buy.

Facebook Messenger Ads: Will Your Benefit?

For a small business, Facebook Messenger Ads are a perfect option. Your ads can be personalized to each customer. They can directly connect with potential customers and more. Just look at these ways you can utilize Facebook Messenger Ads:

  1. Personalized messages. Facebook Messenger Ads personalize just enough without being weird, yet sufficient to bring you more business. Your messages are allowed to go to people who have connected with your company, and you’re able to tailor your ads and offers that can bring you better results.
  2. You’re able to respond to customers faster with Facebook Messenger Ads using automated replies. This action guarantees your potential customers that they aren’t lost among other customers. Today, the research found that over 70% of consumers would rather have live chats than email in our busy world. Just under 60% prefer a phone call.
  3. Start a conversation through Facebook Messenger. Nurturing leads is a big plus to Facebook Messenger Ads. Your newsfeed can be customized to encourage chatting with you about your company’s products or services. An automated setup is still a one-on-one contact method that can make customers feel like they count.
  4. Increase local awareness. Facebook Messenger can increase the local consumer’s awareness about your business. You can even choose an option, “increase local awareness,” as the objective for your ad. Create a tailored-made offer and send it out by Messenger. This option is especially effective for small businesses or any business looking to reconnect with their existing customers.

Today, Facebook Messenger Ads do what the door-to-door sales used to, requiring much less effort. And with the personalization and one-on-one connection you can have, make it a much more meaningful way.

Facebook Messenger Ads: Getting Started

Ready to get started with your Facebook Messenger Ads. Follow these seven steps to success:

  1. Open Facebook, go to Business Manager.
  2. Choose conversion for the marketing objective.
  3. Select Messenger to ensure clicks start conversations and not redirect the user to your website landing page.
  4. Scroll down to Edit Placements and choose Messenger again.
  5. Enter the content for your ad.
  6. Choose to Send a Message as your CTA. A must so viewers that see your ad know that they are entering a conversation with you.
  7. Last but not least,  fill in the message that you want to see when readers click your CTA.

There you have it – your first Facebook Messenger ad! Using your keywords is essential! Getting a solid ROI is still challenging because of the number of businesses advertising on Facebook Messenger.

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