Are You Neglecting Your Online Marketing Partner?

They say that word of mouth is the best marketing tool ever, and there is no disputing that as fact. We’ve had word-of-mouth marketing long before newspapers, television, computers, or the internet came along.  The newspaper and television marketing methods are pretty obvious.  We’re all victims to sales ads and commercials, but what is Word of Mouth Marketing?

Some will refer to it as Word of Mouth Advertising, either way; it involves the process of encouraging and influencing a word of mouth discussion about something, like a brand, a product, or a resource organically. It can even be actively encouraging others to read a corporate message or attend an event. Once you have put the “bug” in somebody’s ear, it is up to them to spread the news and core message.  This is referred to as viral marketing.

Just as with anything, this word-of-mouth marketing has well-embraced pros when it reaches its intended market. It can also have its cons when the message is unclear with the intention of being bias toward a specific group, whether cultural, racial, religious, sexist, poor or rich, or any group you may find yourself a follower or member. 

Because society is bombarded with online marketing every day, every minute we are on a computer, it doesn’t need any introduction.  All digital platforms, including social media sites and websites, are word of mouth today. They capture our attention, extend a customer’s experience, and build relationships by continuously adapting various channels to reach a specific type of customer.

Word of Mouth Marketing and Online Marketing – Is There any Collaboration?

Yes, the two forms of marketing come together in affiliate marketing. Selling or promoting products or services for somebody else’ and getting paid for doing that is affiliate marketing. It may be through a ClickBank platform with digital goods or selling something via Amazon.  As an affiliate, you search for a product with a personal appeal or a strong external appeal and then promote that product or service. As an affiliate, you’re either paid or rewarded in some form.

Today, it is common for a company to encourage their employees to inform family, friends, and neighbors about a new offering, inspiring them with a discount voucher, etc. In return, employees receive incentives depending on the level of engagement. So, yes, while the employee is spreading advertising by Word of Mouth, they are, in essence, an “affiliate marketer” for their employer.

Regardless of gender, race, social standing, sexual orientation, online marketing gives everyone the potential to make big money. The barrier, if any, is extremely low to enter, and with the multitude of businesses today available to become an affiliate with, the world is your oyster.

With the global reach we have today, we are no longer restricted to marketing in just one geographical zone. With an excellent product or service, and the right word of mouth for free advertising, it is cheaper than the traditional marketing channels. Today, a potential buyer will research a product or service, getting that word of mouth before they decide. That includes word of mouth from family, friends, neighbors, even colleagues.

So, by integrating these two concepts, the vast potential becomes glaringly apparent. Whether you’re a business owner or just somebody looking for some extra cash, affiliate marketing is the place I would start.

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