Are You Using Facebook for Your Business The Right Way?

How often have you been told that when you own a business, you “HAVE” to use  Facebook for advertising? Is that true, or is it just a lot of hype that has no value to support that claim? Read on as we find answers to some questions …

Like, first of all, what, if any, positive attributes will your business get from using Facebook? We thought of 2 things:

1) You can get in front of an audience anytime.

2) You can make friends with people that you wouldn’t meet otherwise.

We also arrived at negatives about using Facebook for advertising:

1) There is a lot going on with Facebook with constant status updates and game invites 24/7/365. How is business advertising going to stand out above all that noise?

2) People do not log onto Facebook to shop and spend money. It is an avenue for entertainment or eases boredom.

3) If you advertise successfully, i.e., gain new customers from Facebook, how much time did you invest in deciding, designing, and posting the ad? As a business owner, could your time have been better spent elsewhere more profitable for your business?

So, now, as we look back at these two clusters about Facebook, and, contrary to everything “everyone” says, maybe Facebook isn’t as essential for businesses as thought. In fact, it can almost be a burden.

All is not lost, though, when it comes to this ever-growing social media platform. It is effective in bringing leads and prospective customers. The downside to that, it is not free. Yes, advertising on Facebook has a cost, but you can choose your exact targeted audience.

On Facebook, your ads can stand out from the hustling crowd because Facebook gives carte blanche to paid advertisers over those companies that use free posting. Like any advertising platform, they want your ads to do well, so you’ll keep re-upping them, even adding to them.

By hyperlinking your website within your ad on Facebook, it is just a matter of people clicking to get there. Once they click and get sent to your website, the noise of Facebook is gone. So, yes, maybe you should be on Facebook with your advertising. Treat it like you do your other means of paid advertising, and as long as your ad is enticing potential clients to click, it’s a winner!

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