How-To Guide to TikTok

How-to Guide to TikTok

TikTok is always evolving. Trends can be difficult to keep up with and videos can be difficult to create when you’re not sure how to truly communicate with your audience. As of January, almost 150 million Americans were active on TikTok, surpassing both Snapchat and X(formerly Twitter) in monthly user counts. Additionally, studies show that Americans spend almost an hour a day on TikTok, making it a prime hotspot for marketing content. Our team here at Quantus Creative has created a quick guide to TikTok marketing to best build an audience and reach as many users as possible.


We’ve mentioned this time and time again, but most TikTok users require authenticity from the accounts they engage with. This means that reviews and UGC content are extremely important to your audience, so long as they represent genuine opinions. No longer are paid ads on social media the sole convincing source buyers need to purchase. They are looking for real people with real views on particular products. Certain platforms like Lemon8, Flip, and TikTok encourage users to try products and post reviews, so utilize the resources you have, and ensure that any ads and content that you post are authentic and speak to your audience in a genuine way.



Recommendations can come from UGC, paid partnerships, PR giftings, or just good, old-fashioned organic content. Find creators whose platforms reflect your company’s goals and target audience, and reach out offering products or services that they can review. Depending on the creator, they may require payment for any content they create, or they may offer a post or posts in return for receiving your product or service. Regardless of your budget, you can find creators that meet your needs providing you with the recommendations necessary to build your audience and establish an excellent reputation. Also, keep a look out for any reviews that have been posted organically by users so you can comment or repost.


AI Content

Gone are the days of needing professional video creators and editors to make visually stunning and immersive video content. As AI continues to gain traction, we are seeing more and more content that is generated by AI. TikTok has streamlined the user experience by adding AI filters, as well as using it to serve users the particular content they’re interested in, benefitted brands, since their content is much more likely to hit their target audience. Try utilizing TikTok’s AI resources for images and video content to boost the content that you already have lying around or produce fresh content with the recently added AI filters.


Educational Content

These are the do’s and don’ts and the how-to’s. Users want to learn hacks and tips and learn through the content that they’re seeing. Try creating tutorials related to your business or teaching your audience something new related to the products or services you offer. According to recent research, around 40% of consumers use TikTok as a search engine to learn more about the topics they’re interested in. Become a source of information for users in order to boost engagement.


Overall, we recommend staying active on TikTok so that you can remain up to date with current trends, as they change frequently. Use trending sounds and filters to reach a wider audience and utilize hashtags in your captions. We also recommend commenting on popular videos for more exposure to users that may not come across your content otherwise. Finally, understand that posting regularly is rewarded by the algorithm, meaning your content will reach a wider audience if your company is consistent and active on your account. TikTok is a wonderful resource, so long as you learn to harness it, so have fun and get to posting!




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