TikTok: Keeping It Local For Small Businesses


For Small Local Businesses, TikTok has become a new way to market a brand and pull in more customers. Today, TikTok is a critical component when setting up a new marketing strategy.


For any small business that can appeal to a wide range of age groups, utilizing TikTok has proven to be the platform for any marketing strategy. Because it is a platform that reaches all age groups, it has more than 800 million global active users to prove it! When small businesses launch on TikTok’s platform, they can go viral fast.


  • It is mobile-focused. TikTok was a mobile-first platform. Unlike other platforms that started with desktop first and then went mobile, TikTok started mobile.
  • Authenticity and creativity are what drive users to TikTok, making it unique. It is the originality of TikTok that makes it stand out from the other platforms that use curated experiences.


First, use your mobile device to download the TikTok app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store. If you’re not sure TikTok is the way to go for your business, TikTok is available on the web, allowing you to set up an account.

Sign up using your phone number or email once you have downloaded the app or pulled up the website. Due to restrictions, you cannot use your Instagram account to sign up now.

Next, complete the required information TikTok will ask, like your birthday, use your accurate birth date, then create a username and password, and enter your email address. For a business TikTok account, use your business email address. If you don’t have a business email address, you can use your personal email address.

Keep your username the same as the other usernames you have established in the social network world, clearly stating your business’ name. And now it is time to customize your profile. This should include your company logo and business bio, using keywords. Link your company website and social media platforms within your profile.


Switch to a Pro Account and choose “creator” or “business account.” This will give you access to business features like analytics and more. Research has found that a creator account works better for a few reasons:

The incentives on TikTok have a lower organic engagement on business accounts because they are pushing businesses to pay for reaching people through their platform. By choosing ‘business,’ your organic reach is limited so that you can run ads.

Instagram and other social media platforms are using this same method of suppressing content with business accounts. By utilizing the creator account, you’ll give yourself more room on this platform.

Create a TikTok Video to introduce your business to TikTok followers. Make it personal and relatable. Make sure you share the company name, how your company started, and include some fun facts about your business. The more TikTok followers can get to know about you and your business, the more intrigued they’ll be to follow your company’s journey.


Create content that TikTok users will enjoy, and by researching this platform for the hashtag “#ShopSmallBusiness,” you’ll find a plethora of content ideas that TikTok users enjoy watching.

Give them a tour of your workspace that shows where your business products are created and shipped and how you promote your business on other social media platforms. This allows them to relate more to your small business, especially if they are a small business owner, too.

Each member of your team should create a small video about their part in the business, giving the followers a chance to meet the humans behind the scenes. This gives them an insight into how your business operates, and if yours is a family-owned business, talk about that and offer something funny about each family member.

Video your day as a small business owner, including the unboxing and shipping process, including previews of future product or service launches. A “behind the scenes” for a small business owner is interesting and captivating for followers.

Share some details about being a small business owner in the community and how your business is involved with the community. This will show your followers your community loyalty and why your business is different.


Every social media platform has specific strategies that work best for small businesses, and TikTok isn’t any different. Some examples of food business, dentists, and doctors are:

  • A Viral TikTok Strategy: Angel’s Tacos from Tijuana
    A video that shows how their delicious tacos and burritos are made while promoting their Taco Tuesday specials.
  • The Trending Song Strategy: Banging the Drums
    Focusing on popular TikTok hashtags and songs increases the engagement of followers because of a particular song that is trending that day.
  • Giving Advice and Tips: Dr. Z
    Provide daily tips for your TikTok followers, like the dentist who posts videos on the right way to brush and floss your teeth and when a trip to the dentist is needed. These videos target patients from 7 years old to 70 years old.
  • Join the Weekly Challenges: The Real Dr. Spock
    By participating in the trending weekly TikTok challenges, you’ll stay popular. Engage with your audience by answering questions with a funny commentary. Relate with your followers by showing your daily activities at work with your coworkers.


Work with other small business TikTok creators by exchanging some product or service you offer for them to create a video for your TikTok. Let them get behind the scenes of your business and what inspired you to start your business inside your story.


  • A Brand Takeover is an ad that appears before other content. This is taking initiative for popular businesses, like sponsoring a Hashtag Challenge. These are essential features on TikTok, whether participating in a #hashtag challenge or a paid business promotion. This type of video strategy is suitable for increasing engagement.
  • In-Feed Native content is seen at the end of a TikTok video or blended in as part of the video.

MARKET EVERYWHERE TikTok is becoming a powerful platform for gaining followers and traction in an ever-evolving marketing world. But limiting your business to one platform is not recommended.

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