Should I Incorporate Video Content into My Marketing Strategy?

There is a strong importance of storytelling through media and branding. In order to reach audiences and gain recognition, a company must develop its own voice and create a story worth telling. We currently live in the age where content is king- in 2023, consumers spend an average of 454 minutes on digital media each day. Because users are faced with so much content throughout the day, it’s important to ensure that your media is professional and stands out amongst competitors. One way to set yourself and your brand apart is through the use of video content

Short-Form vs. Long-Form

Two forms of video content are used today. The first is long-form content, which is a more traditional method. Long-form content is often 10 minutes or longer and examples include documentary-style shorts, brand videos, or interviews. Short-form content is often found on TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts. These videos are significantly shorter, averaging at about one minute. If your content is more detail-oriented and you require more explanation, long-form content will be your best choice. These videos should be in-depth and detailed according to your product or service. Short-form content is best for reaching a wider audience. According to HubSpot, short-form videos have the highest ROI compared to other popular marketing trends.

Repurposing Content

By reusing and repurposing content, companies can get the most out of their media. For example, a short documentary video about a brand’s story and mission can be split into several shorter clips more suitable for TikTok or Instagram Reels. Keep this in mind when creating video content so that any resources can be utilized as much as possible. Consistency is key when posting on social media, so the more content, the better. 

Quantus Creative in Action

Quantus Creative recently produced a marketing video for The Ten District in Jenks, Oklahoma, which highlights the vision of the town and provides information regarding renovations and improvements. The purpose of this video is to catch the eye of the viewer, inform, and assist in the visualization of The Ten District’s mission. The video establishes credibility while developing a personal connection with the viewer. Good video content elicits a certain feeling from consumers and encourages action, which is why investing in trustworthy, experienced video creation is a wise choice when determining your marketing strategy. By placing the video on the homepage of their site, The Ten District catches the attention of visitors without requiring them to read a long description, not to mention video content will help to improve website SEO. 

If you are seeking professional video production services, find a reputable company with experience in visual storytelling, editing, and video marketing. Quantus Creative can assist you from start to finish while offering options for differing budgets.

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