5 Marketing Tips for Your Business

Business marketing trends seem to be constantly changing. It can be hard to keep up with “right” or “better.” Here are 5 marketing tips that are as true today as they were 10 minutes ago, 10 days ago, and will still be true 10 years from now:

1. Expect getting customer data to be hard work.  

2. You can reach your audience easier with email marketing. 

3. SEO will be more universal than it ever has been.  

4. Facebook isn’t going away.

5. Always expect the unexpected. 

Whatever plans you have for your 2022 marketing must be included in how you’ll be running your small Business this year. Never assume what marketing worked in 2021 will keep working in 2022. All aspects of marketing evolve daily, especially digital marketing. So, what should you expect in marketing for a Small Business in 2022? And how should you incorporate them into how you run your Business?

These are the 5 marketing trends that your Business should incorporate in 2022. 

  • Expect getting customer data to be hard work.  

When Apple went the way of consumer privacy, it forced users to opt-in data tracking by any App during 2021. The ink was spilled all over iOS changes, making a mess. It seemed the sky was falling if you paid any attention to the Business operators, marketing experts, and others that used consumer data as their cornerstone for digital marketing. As always, though, the marketing world never stopped; it simply adapted to the changes and kept on spinning.

In 2022, there is another round of data privacy measures for big tech data, and the stress is brimming at the top again for Business operators. Yes, Google has announced that third-party cookies will no longer be tracked by Google Chrome browser, yanking the rug out from under Businesses that utilize that for micro-targeting their digital advertisements. 

However, while Google has taken a deep breath and slowed down this change until 2023, Businesses shouldn’t put their plans for targeted advertisements using this third-party cookie tracing on the back burner. The consumer privacy issue is still a hot-button topic issue. Every Business that has relied on Google’s third-party tracking should keep looking for creative ways to reach their intended audiences. Because come 2023, there will be even more restrictions than there are today.

  • You can reach your audience easier with email marketing.

Fashion and unexpected marketing tools are two areas where trends come and go in cycles. And to that end, 2022 will see some unexpected marketing tools return, including the old steadfast trend of email marketing

Business operators today have become aware that they don’t have as much ownership over their audiences. The algorithms of social media are in control of who a Business reaches. Many Business owners are opening their old toolboxes to gain better access to their customers and audiences. 

The smart marketer didn’t totally abandon the email marketing method. They understood there was a stronger power with personalized messages that gave their customers an explicit invitation to open their inboxes. 

Pull your virtual Rolodex out of the bottom drawer and get your contact list cleaned up and organized cause you’re going to need it in 2022. A new era of email marketing on the horizon contains creativeness, automation, and potential sales. 

  • SEO will be more universal than it ever has been.  

SEO isn’t a new trend. It is unrelenting where Google and other search engines are concerned. As they become more intelligent and understand the behavior of their users behaviors, SEO isn’t all about brute force as it is “tricks of the trade.”  

Getting SEO basics right still has value, and there is still essential in SEO tools like keywords, proper tagging, site speed optimization, and others that need a Business owner’s attention and dedication.

But today, search engines are focused on presenting users with valuable and usable results. Websites will still be judged on how well their answers are to a users’ query and how well the sites provide answers to those queries.  

So the current focus of finding that “one” secret in getting ranked at the top of Google searches will take a back seat in 2022. The focus is going to be on having a website that is beautiful, functional, and valuable.

  • Facebook isn’t going away

Social Media platforms come and make a big splash, then seem to fade away. Any tech journalist has spent many hours deciding which one is “THE ONE” and which one is dying a slow death. As a business owner, it is essential to pay attention to these platforms and take advantage of the hot ones. LinkedIn and Tiktok are tagged to be 2022 go-to social media platforms. So, any business owner needs to know the most effective way to use them if they plan to connect with their respective audiences. 

However, when discussing which platforms are on their way to the boneyard, Facebook is always the first one mentioned. Maybe because it is the big name in the social media game with more than 3 billion users worldwide, even their rebranding to Meta hasn’t slowed the power of this social media giant. This company has a level of confidence in its longevity that can’t be beaten or even matched. Facebook may change its rules for advertisers, but this is one white elephant that won’t be going out to pasture in 2022.

  • Always expect the unexpected. 

Above all, it is important to realize that 2022 will be just as unpredictable as marketing has been the last few years. Putting your best foot forward will be just as important now as ever when it comes to anticipating marketing trends. This means sharpening your anticipation skills and being flexible in going with big and small waves this year.

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