6 Tips: How To Use Direct Mail and Win

6 Direct Mail Tips

Direct Mail is still alive!

Yes, you’ll need to allocate funds for this advertising and marketing, but it will work! Direct Mail offers your business several different ways to leverage and get those results if you’re looking for results.   And with these six tips, you’ll get even better results from a direct mail campaign:

  1. Variable Data Printing

    This type of Direct Mail is when a printer prints mailers personalized and sorts them into small batches. You can choose to have them sorted by geographical information, personalized by a landmark of a specific state, city, or even a neighborhood.
  1. Personalized URLs

    Bring the digital age to a mail campaign with either a Custom Domain or a  personalized URL to better track when your prospective client opens up your Direct Mail. An assigned domain to a particular page will take a prospective customer directly to your campaign page when they open that personalized URL in their browser.
  1. QR Codes

    QR codes have been around for a few years. The pandemic became the way to see what restaurants and retailers were offered. So, when you combine your mobile marketing and a Direct Mail campaign with a QRC (Quick Response Code) on a mailer, you can give those prospective customers a personalized map to whatever you’re offering.

A QRC is like a barcode that holds 100 times more information than a barcode. It is accessible with a smartphone, which almost everybody has today. Your QRC can direct potential clients to a landing page on your mobile site or a specific URL where they find personalized coupons or exclusive content designed for them!

  1. Pop-Up Mailers

    A Pop-Up Mailer can be fun, attention-grabbing, and memorable with some creativeness. If your business is about furniture, a direct mail piece that unfolds and a table pops up, or a woman’s boutique, a dress pops up, auto part store, the hood of a car pops up. The creative ideas are endless and guaranteed to make an impression and grab the receiving person’s attention.
  1. 3D Mailers

    Like the aforementioned pop-up mailer, a 3D mailer takes the old school type of postcard and makes it bigger, rolled into a tube, or creates a brochure with it that has a sample that comes from your business and what you offer. 3D Mailers can be a great way to introduce a new product or service!
  1. Jumbo Mailer Co-Op

Maybe your budget doesn’t have room for a direct mail campaign, that doesn’t mean you’re out of the game! Ask your local printer about a Jumbo Mailer Co-Op.

A Jumbo Mailer Co-Op program is a co-op mailing opportunity for several local businesses. Each company has a coupon-type ad for their products or services on the jumbo postcard. The more businesses that join, the less expensive it is for each one.

In Conclusion

Using any of these six tips, or trying them all, will bring you more business and new prospective leads. With these Direct Mail programs, you’ll see your ROI quicker than with other methods.

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