Instagram Could Be Making Big Changes in 2022

Instagram Could Be Making Big Changes in 2022

Instagram is known for changing its app, and 2022 will not be different! There are already 3 huge interface changes that Instagram is testing out on specific profiles that, if implemented, can change the way businesses can use the platform.

Firstly, Instagram is rolling out a test for ‘profile status.’ This enables users to set a status notification on their profile that will last 24 hours unless changed. This status almost works as the old Facebook status did, or even instant messaging. The statuses range from things like ‘busy’ or ‘working,’ which can help indicate to friends and family that a user is less likely to answer any Instagram messages, to things like ‘celebrating’ or ‘happy,’ which can, in turn, facilitate conversation, with followers reaching out to see why a user’s status is set as it is. This new Instagram implication is more valuable on the personal side of social media than the business side, but it is still a chance to keep an eye on.

The second change that Instagram has been testing out with select users is editing a profile grid. Meaning, users will be able to go into their profile and drag and drop a post to where they want it on their page, regardless of when it was posted. If there is a photo that doesn’t fit the theme or aesthetic of the rest of the photos, drag it to the bottom of the page! This can be huge for brands, bloggers, and business accounts. Instead of deleting or archiving a photo that doesn’t work in your grid, just move it to make it work.

However, the most significant thing Instagram is currently testing out is the ability to change between three different feed views as a user, with two of these moving back into seeing posts in chronological order instead of the current algorithm.

  • ‘Home’ is the Instagram experience that users know today, with the app’s algorithm deciding what it thinks you want to see.
  • ‘Favorites.’ This feed lets users add other accounts to a favorite list to ensure they don’t miss. Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, says this is the feed to ensure you don’t miss what your siblings are posting, your favorite creators, and your best friends. This could be hugely beneficial if, as a brand, you can get onto a user’s favorite feed. It will ensure that they never miss a post you make.
  • ‘Following’ reverts to the old Instagram algorithm of users seeing a post from their followers in chronological order. This could also benefit businesses and brands if they know of the peak times their followers are using the app.

If Instagram decides to follow through with these three feed views after testing them out, it can be a massive opportunity for brands and businesses to tailor their Instagram post to reach their audience.

Social media is ever-evolving, and sometimes it can be hard to know what is changing and what it can mean for your business. But staying on top of these changes and understanding how they could affect your business can lead to you effectively using social media to increase your social media presence.

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