Create Local Content That Works For Your Business With These 4 Tips

Focusing on localized content is always a good idea for small businesses by using local keywords for your general content. This type of content will direct the traffic of casual visitors to your site and emphasize you are a part of the local community. To get started, a few tips:

  • Post Blogs About Local Events

Regardless of the size of your local community, there are local events that are an important and big deal for the community. As a business owner, you should stay informed, write about them, and link back to your company, expressing your connection to the community.

Having a booth or table sponsorship will make this easy. Any time your local community has a charity or holiday event, be a part of it, expressing your pleasure to offer your sponsorship and what you love about the community.

  • Make the Local News a Topic

Talk about the high school football team making district or the little league team being in the playoffs. Mention the high school choir state performance or mention businesses opening up in town. Each of these is organic material for a blog post that can incorporate how your business is related to the event.

  • Develop Case Studies Local Prospects Are Interested In

If your business serves specific neighborhoods, you need to show that your business is concerned and interested in how things affect those areas. Case studies are one of the best ways to demonstrate your knowledge of specific topics and particular circumstances unique to the area.

One example would be whether a landscaper or pest control company can discuss how weather changes bring about landscape or pest control issues. Offer solutions found through case studies that can help those issues.

What Are Your Audience’s Interests?

Stay within your business realm but incorporate what your local audience is concerned or interested in the most. Being informed of your local content will keep you plugged in to the local community online; from the weather to the holidays.

Follow the local Chamber of Commerce on Facebook and Twitter, subscribe to the local newspaper, and visit the local library from time to time to see what’s new on the bulletin board.

The key point is to make your business’s content relevant to the local area and the target audience. Keep general content in the loop, but the local content will get your business growing.

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