Use geolocation marketing to target customers

Marketing your brand and business can be a challenge when you’re local. The first challenge as a business owner is to make sure that the people in your area and most likely to do business with you know about you. Where you are, what your company provides and offers, etc. How can you do this? You can call the Quantus Creative team to help you get Geolocation Marketing.

What is Geolocation Marketing?

Geolocation marketing is location-specific marketing that allows you to connect with nearby potential customers with ads and offers that are targeted to them. The benefits to geolocation marketing you can expect: 

  • Access to your targeted audience that is most likely going to frequent your business
  • Reach out to potential new customers with offers that appeal to them
  • Learn your existing customer’s shopping habits and preferences
  • Offer rewards to your loyal customers with special offers that make them your brand ambassadors

Geolocation Tools

There are three geolocation marketing tools to choose from based on your company’s needs:

  1. Geotargeting. This form of geolocation marketing uses your customer’s web browsing IP addresses of your customers for you to target your marketing to general cities, regions, or states.
  2. Geofencing. You can track your customers on the move with this tool. It is more precise than geotargeting, allowing you to target specific neighborhoods down to the street using mobile devices’ GPS locations.
  3. Beacons. An even more specific option for your geolocation marketing using a small device installed close to or inside your business that collects data from Bluetooth signals in your customer’s smartphones. If you’re located in a poor Wi-Fi reception area, this is an ideal marketing method. 

A Few Geolocation Marketing Tips

Here are a few tips that the Quantus Creative team will guide you to use that will grow your business with geolocation marketing:

  • Target people at a nearby event or venue if your business depends on foot traffic.
  • Create a geofence if you provide a delivery service.
  • Map out your targeted audience with geotargeting based on where they are located.
  • Use a beacon to attract foot traffic and signal you when you have a repeat customer.
  • Use geolocation marketing to learn the buying habits of your target audience.

At The End Of The Day

The bottom line with geolocation marketing is utilizing GPS technology to connect with your existing and potential customers. Geolocation marketing can help you determine the best method to get what your business needs.

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