Your website can be a powerhouse of lead generating

Did you know that your online marketing has a headquarters? It is your website because that is the go-to place these days when anyone is searching for a business. Websites have replaced the yellow page ads, so let it work for you!

Surveys have found that up to 80% of all consumers say that they will research a business online before buying their products or using their services. And almost 40% of those consumers say that when a website is hard to navigate, they move on to the next company.

These numbers tell us that having an essential business website isn’t going to do the job you need and want it to do: Generate new leads. A website must be user-friendly and intentionally designed to get more clicks and more customers. Here are some pointers to help you get your website to work:

The Domain Name

You don’t want a domain name that is hard to remember. Three important pointers when choosing your domain name are:

  • A clear description of your business
  • Easy to spell and easy to type (leave the abbreviations and dashes off)
  • Easy to remember

In addition to the domain name, you want an extension that is common and popular, like these:

  • .com (by far the most popular)
  • .net
  • .biz
  • .org

When you choose an extension that is less popular, customers will pass over your website and go to one that is better known. Extensions like .info or .us aren’t as trusted and can confuse your potential leads.

Keep your domain name short; no more than fifteen characters is recommended. However, if a shorter domain name isn’t available, stick with the .com extension and choose a longer domain name if need be.

The Home Page

Remember, first impressions are lasting impressions. This includes your website’s homepage. It is the book cover of your website; this is the front page. For most people surfing the internet, the home page is the first page they’ll see. Make it attractive, clear, easy to read, and easy to navigate.

Your home page needs a CTA (call to action) above the fold. It should be intriguing and welcoming, encouraging the visitor to click and surf. The copy should be compelling and concise, explaining who your business is and what products and services are offered. This includes adding images with meaning.

Your SEO

Optimize your website with keywords that are trending in your business industry. The algorithm is changed constantly by Google, so you need to return to the research department frequently and update your website accordingly with the best keywords.

Optimization is an important factor in a successful website, and many businesses don’t have any focus on this area, especially with mobile optimization. When you consider that as many as 60% of all searches are done on a mobile device, it’s inexcusable and a waste of space not to research the best optimization for mobile devices.

Voice search is more common today, so optimizing for voice search needs to be a priority, including specific long-tail keywords. Your website content should provide answers to the commonly asked questions about the products and services your business provides. Make it easy for Google, Bing, and other search engines to index your website by using Schema markup.

Give Visitors Instructions 

A lot of small businesses have a CTA on their homepage, but it doesn’t stand out, so visitors skim right over it. If your CTA is on the bottom of your website, hidden within the content, or complicated, it is time to revamp! Your call to action needs to be clear, easy to find, obvious, and simple to follow. To make this so, experts recommend:

  • Every page of your website should have a call to action
  • Less is more when it comes to visitors filling out CTA forms
  • Auto-complete fields are ideal when possible
  • Every CTA should be focused on the content of each page 
  • Strong verbs and wording help visitors complete the CTA form

In addition to your call to action, a “Contact Us” option should be in the header and/or footer with your email address and phone number. Make it easy for visitors to contact you!

Numerous Landing Pages

In addition to having a CTA on every page of your website, they should be set up as a landing page that is specific to common search queries. If you try to put all the information on one page, it becomes cluttered and confusing. A visitor shouldn’t have to surf through pages of bath towels when they’re looking for bathroom décor specifically.

Research has found that a website with a minimum of 30 pages has the best organic search performance. If 30 seems to be too many at first, think of having specific pages created that speak directly to the intentions and needs of the visitor.

The User Experience 

Your website should give the user a great experience, not create frustration. Your website isn’t a direct lead-generating strategy, but it should keep visitors long enough to follow the CTA and your offers. This includes:

  • Creating menus that are clear and easy to find on every page of your site
  • White space makes content easier to read
  • Add images to break up the text
  • Sentences should be short and easy to read
  • Have a system of internal links

If you want users to enjoy being on your website, they will stay on longer. Make it confusing and difficult to follow; they’ll move on to the next one.

Lead-Generating Content 

Your content should generate leads and sell your business to the user. Have a blog with meaningful topics that show your authority in your industry. Provide solutions for the readers. The topics should answer common questions. Ask yourself:

Then post blogs that answer these questions to give your readers the content they want. Share your blogs on your social media pages and add infographics and videos. Your website should generate leads daily, and with the information and tips we’ve provided here, you should have a powerhouse website doing just that!

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