Want online success? Build your authority!

Does your prospective customer know who you are and what you think? If you don’t have a compelling answer to that question, you’re not considered an authority figure in your industry. If you’re not having much luck getting prospective customers’ attention, you need to become an authority in your industry. This goes for start-ups or existing businesses.  Let Quantus Creative help you build the authority your business needs to succeed.  

Becoming an authority is key, and it isn’t just something you can buy online either. You have to build. To be viewed as an authority, you’ll have to show that you’re an authority in your actions. Okay, so why does authority matter?

People will listen to you when you reflect authority, and they will value your opinion when you suggest a product or service. Think of today’s ‘Influencers’ on the internet. People are more apt to listen to someone that reflects an image of authority on a subject or topic, even something they wouldn’t be prone to do it otherwise.

Branding Builds Authority

An authoritative image is built on trust, so job one is to get your prospective customers to consider you as an authority. They will trust what you’re talking about with products or services.  To build that authority, you need to be consistent with your online marketing by narrowly defining your area of expertise.

With a few exceptions, none of us are equally knowledgeable about everything, like Oprah. Many people take her word on alternative medicines, books, clothing, and self-help as authoritative.  Here are a few ways to create an authoritative brand that is consistent:

  1. Realize how you want your brand to be thought of then create your brand personality and voice on those things.
  2. Create a customer uniqueness to create your online content so it appeals to your target audience.
  3. Use how your brand’s online appearance everywhere, including the colors, language, and voice. Be consistent with your email marketing and social media so that it matches your website. Keep this consistency when commenting on forums and review sites.
  4. Avoid being distracted by anything that doesn’t relate to your brand. For instance, don’t share a viral video on your social media accounts if it isn’t relevant to your brand and followers.

Your Content Should Be Authoritative           

Any content created for your brand must reflect authority, including any advertising, marketing videos, online profiles, social media accounts, and your website should conceptualize and execute authority. A professionally designed website that has authoritative language that appeals directly to your prospective target audience.

Any photo, status update, or Tweet, you post should be relevant to your brand with authority. To build your authority create long-form authoritative content such as:

  • Case studies
  • Exclusive content
  • How-to guides
  • White papers

Opinions With Authority

Cable news channels book authoritative figures to fill their 24-hour show with their opinions on the events of the day. Why do people listen to them? Because of their experience and knowledge of a particular story, making themselves authority with an opinion worth hearing. 

As a business owner, you can build the same type of authority by being opinionated on a subject or topic. That doesn’t mean gushing about politics unless that is your brand. But don’t hold back on expressing your opinion either. You can do this by curating content for your social media accounts with the following:

  • General news outlets & publications
  • Industry-specific publications
  • Niche-informed popular bloggers
  • Popular brands within your niche

You have to do more than share curated content. You have to comment to gain authority. Anything you read or watch, then share on your social media or website, give your opinion with authority.

The Last Step When you’re building authority, put the things together that we’ve discussed here and create marketing campaigns that convert prospective customers into customers

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