Here Are Six Ways How to Use LinkedIn to Build Business Relationships

The intended purpose of LinkedIn was to be a platform for entrepreneurs, new businesses, and startups to connect. But we seem to have overlooked how LinkedIn can be a marketing tool. With over 600 million people using LinkedIn, it deserves another glance and the team at Quantus Creative can help you do just that by following these six tips: 

1. Define Your Target Audience

By defining your target audience, create a list of whom you’d like to connect with. Then, using your industry expertise, you can search for keywords through LinkedIn and work down your list to find potential clients. A plus to using LinkedIn as a marketing tool is the platform makes suggestions of suitable connections which gives you a target to interact with.

2. Be Helpful

Because LinkedIn is a social media platform,  you need to approach these connections with an offer to help them. Table the hard sell methods and show these connections that you can help them solve issues they’re having. Listen to what they’re telling you and make the effort to understand what they need. This will establish a long-term relationship and the sales will come naturally. 

3. Polished Profile

The decision-makers that use LinkedIn receive endless amounts of offers and propositions daily. You don’t want to be one of the crowd, you want to make an impression that makes you stand out from the others. So take the time to update your LinkedIn profile, and polish it so that it stands out above all others, professionally and personally. Your profile should be clear about what your business offers, using headlines that describe the value other companies can use. 

 4. Short and To the Point

As you polish your LinkedIn profile, make sure you’re using your ‘elevator pitch’. Approach this as if you have a room full of busy people that have just a short amount of time to listen to you. Explain why connecting with you could be beneficial, but save your sales pitch for later. 

5. Automation and Networking

Building relationships and networking are time-consuming. And sending out tens of hundreds of connection requests may only result in one meeting. It’s a waste of time. LinkedIn offers automation tools, starting with an initial message. Then replying with a personalized message will make a lasting impression. But watch out for the pitfalls! Similar to other social media outlets, LinkedIn users are protected from spam. Carefully calibrate your automation efforts. 

6. Professional Support

It is well-known that social media is a powerful marketing and networking tool. And they offer opportunities that a small business shouldn’t pass up! Make your social media marketing efforts worth your time by working with Quantus Creative. Our team has a clear understanding of how to build an automated networking strategy using LinkedIn. You’re the expert in your industry. We’re the experts in our industry! 

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